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General Support

  • LSA Academics and Requirements website

    LSA Academics and Requirements website The LSA Academics and Requirements website ( lists and describes the College’s academic policies and general requirements, as well as LSA departments and programs and their faculty, major and minor program descriptions and requirements, and courses, reflecting the College curriculum approved by the LSA Curriculum Committee. The policies and procedures described on this website govern the conduct of academic matters affecting students enrolled in the College. Exceptions to these policies may be granted only upon written petition to the Academic Standards Board. Honors students petition the Honors Academic Board; Residential College students petition the RC Board on Academic Standing (BOAS). Website: Tags: LSA, major, minors, policies, procedures, registration, resource

Academic Advising

  • Advise Me Weekly - LSA Newsletter

    Advise Me Weekly - LSA Newsletter The Advise Me Weekly (AMW), is the LSA advising newsletter which has advising news and tips along with information about internships, leadership, scholarship, and study abroad opportunities. Website: Tags: internship, advising, weekly, literature, science, arts, LSA, study, abroad

  • Bachelor General Studies (BGS) Advising - LSA

    Bachelor General Studies (BGS) Advising - LSA The Bachelor in General Studies (BGS) degree is an alternative to the Bachelor of Arts (AB) or the Bachelor of Science(BS)degrees through the college of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA). This degree program appeals to students with many interdisciplinary interests who want to design a program of study that is a bit more flexible. This site offers contact information for advisers who know this degree option best and can help with advising. Website: Tags: bachelor, general, studies, advising, LSA

  • Individual Major Program (IMP) - LSA

    Individual Major Program (IMP) - LSA The Individual Major Program (IMP) offers students in LSA an opportunity to plan and design their own interdisciplinary majors. It allows students to integrate coursework from across the College to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a given academic issue. Through an Individual Major, students have the opportunity to develop academic programs that integrate the rich array of disciplinary perspectives available in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. This site offers more information about this option and how to contact the adviser in charge. Website: Tags: major, interdisciplinary, LSA, advising

  • LSA Course Guide

    LSA Course Guide The online LSA Course Guide contains course descriptions written by instructors of classes to be offered in a specific term. Instructors are asked: • to begin with a statement of the subjects (topics, themes, methods). • to include the intended audience and any recommended special background that is not already listed in course prerequisites. • to indicate the basis of student evaluation (exams, papers, etc.) • to state method(s) of instruction (lecture, lab, discussion). • to mention texts which will be required. Links to instructor home pages, class homepages, open section information, and past syllabi (if available) are provided on the class detail pages. Students can view descriptions by SUBJECT, and an advanced search feature allows students to search for courses based on key words, distribution designation, or by various requirements and course groupings. Website: Tags: course, descriptions, LSA

  • Peer Academic Advisors - LSA

    Peer Academic Advisors - LSA Supervised by a coordinator in the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center, the academic peer advisors are experienced and highly trained LSA undergraduates ready to help other LSA undergraduates on a wide variety of issues. In particular, the APAs are prepared to talk to students about course selections, Wolverine Access/registration questions, time-management, study skills, choosing a major, and graduate school. Most prominently, APAs team with Newnan academic advisors during new student orientation to assist new students in their transition to LSA. Website: Tags: academic, peer, advising, APA, literature, science, arts, LSA, classes

  • Residential College Academic Services - Advising

    Residential College Academic Services - Advising RC faculty academic advisers assist students with RC and LSA requirements, academic progress, and adjustment to college life. The Academic Services Office is located at 134 Tyler in East Quad. Website: Tags: advising, residential, college, RC, literature, science, arts, LSA, requirements